November 19, 2021 4.06 pm This story is over 24 months old

Residents fed up of ‘Whiffy Winterton’ smell from landfill site

Biffa is still trying solving the problem

Residents in the small North Lincolnshire town of Winterton are demanding action after becoming increasingly frustrated by the bad smell from the Roxby Landfill Site.

The site owned by Biffa has been causing problems for over a year and the stench can be smelt from up to a mile away.

People in nearby Winterton said it is as bad as ever and at times they have been unable to open their windows or let their children play outside due to the stench.

The Environment Agency carried out an investigation into the smell earlier this year before giving Biffa a formal warning.

Biffa told BBC Look North that work has been done to stop gases escaping, and that they operate the site to high standards of environmental compliance.

Biffa added that work to deal with the smell should be finished before Christmas.

This comes after the worst period last winter, where more than 260 complaints were made about the issue, according to Grimsby Live.

The landfill site in North Lincolnshire is one of only a few which has a dedicated railway line, meaning rubbish can be brought there from all over the country including Manchester, Leeds and London.

Each train can carry up to 1,000 tonnes of rubbish, which is said to be the equivalent of up to 66 lorries full.

The landfill site in North Lincolnshire is one of only a few which has a dedicated railway line. | Image: BBC Look North

Local residents say the situation has not improved and want a more long-term solution.

Hannah Turner told BBC Look North: “We can’t have the windows open, we can’t have the doors open. It’s getting to the point where we can’t use our outdoor spaces, it’s that bad.

“My three-year-old daughter can’t play outside. I’m pregnant at the moment and due in January, and I don’t think I’ll be able to take him outside.

“We’re paying the price for a lot of things, there’s just no care. Even if it was our local rubbish, I don’t think the measures that are being put in place at the site are enough.”

Hannah Turner is among the local residents in Winterton left feeling frustrated by the situation. | Image: BBC Look North

Malachi Piatt said: “They keep getting slaps on the wrist, but it’s not enough. They really need to see the impact it’s having on the residents of the town.”

Paul McCartan added: “We’ve been here before so people are sort of slightly unsure about ‘do I raise it again’ and ‘who do I got to?’ because last time they didn’t do anything, so are they going to do anything this time? People are losing a bit of faith.”

Local Conservative MP Andrew Percy wants the site to eventually be shut down.

He told BBC Look North: “We want this closing off. We want this finishing and we want this turning into a nature reserve, that’s what I’ve been campaigning for.

“We don’t want any extension to this site, we want it finished. They’ve got the permission to fill up and then we want it closed and gone.”