November 4, 2021 5.18 pm

Which bin you need to put used fireworks in after Bonfire Night

Have fun, but be mindful!

Ahead of Bonfire Night, which will no doubt see many fireworks displays across Lincolnshire, anyone setting off fireworks is being asked to dispose of them correctly in the black bin afterwards.

City of Lincoln Council has issued a reminder to people who may be hosting firework displays across the weekend, with Bonfire Night approaching on Friday, November 5.

The council are urging people to ensure the used fireworks are cold before you put them in the bin, and the right bin to put them in is general waste (black-lidded for City of Lincoln residents).

Fireworks should be placed in a plastic bag and then disposed of in the general waste bin.

It has also been recommended that used fireworks be soaked in water to render it non-explosive and ensure there is nothing in excess left in the container.

As well as this, advice on the UK government website states that bonfires must be put out completely after events, and spent fireworks should be gathered together after a thorough search to ensure none are missing.

The council have asked people to consider pets and other animals this year, as loud bangs from fireworks can often startle them and make them nervous or scared.

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