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Lincoln bartender vows to get ‘Club Desire’ tattoo after viral TikTok video

The video sparked a debate about consent

A bartender at a lap dancing club in Lincoln has vowed to get the company’s logo tattooed on her body after her TikTok video, which sparked a debate on consent, went viral with around 22 million views.

Alecia, who wished to keep her surname anonymous, has worked at Club Desire since 2019, which was formerly known as Krystals before reopening under new ownership some four months ago.

Around a week ago she posted a short video on TikTok with the caption ‘men say they want this, but like how do they consent’.

She told The Lincolnite there was a trend going round about a female and masculine urge to do something, which she wanted to record her own take on, before later uploading videos about ‘blanket consent’ and to reply to some of the commenters.



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The 21-year-old said it was nothing about any personal experience, but that she wanted to get the male view and bring more attention to her other social media videos. She expected around 1,000 views, but when she woke up it had already hit three million.

When she was in work the next day the views had reached 11 million, so she had a bet with her manager that if it reached 20 million she would get a tattoo of the Club Desire logo, which she intends to book to have done in the near future.

She has yet to decide where on her body she will get the tattoo, but is currently thinking possibly her hip or ankle.

Alecia plans to get the Club Desire logo tattooed on her body.

She really didn’t expect the TikTok video to have quite the reaction it did, but hopes people we think more about consent.

Alecia, who has 75.k followers on TikTok and 13.5k on Instagram said: “It was a fun little clip that I didn’t really expect to get that much reaction. The reason it got so many views is because it opened up a conversation about consent and the different boundaries people have.

“In the comments people talked about blanket consent and different kinks and how they dealt with it. Some were saying once you have consent you have it until the other person withdraws.

“That’s something I’m not comfortable with as I’m a big person on consent at the time – it has be just before it happens and not way before.”


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Alecia wants more people to think about the subject of consent. | Photo: Submitted

On the video being viewed over 22 million times, she added: “It has been a little bit overwhelming. I had a semi big social media following already, but I’m used to hundreds and thousands not the millions. It showed how big a talking point it is.

“I got a lot more hate for it than I expected. I had a lot of people duet and stitch the video, encouraging not having consent. I commented back to explain my views on how important consent it.

“There were a lot of comments assuming I was the one encouraging it, which I wasn’t but I was happy that it opened up conversation. I knew it was a fantasy (to wake up to sexual acts) for most people and I talked to my friends about it, who agreed with me that it would make them uncomfortable.

“There is a view that men always want sex, which I think isn’t really the case. I also had one man send me a misogynist message calling me names like “whore and slut” and I cried to my friends about it. Some used it as an excuse to flirt with me, which was expected, but it is something I ignore.

“I am very open and confident which has caused some backlash in the comments from other people, which upsets me. But I try to remember that it is people on the Internet who have nothing better to do than send a horrible message which is boring.”

Alecia was disappointed to receive some hateful messages after her video, but is pleased it sparked a debate about the topic of consent. | Photo: Submitted

When asked if she had a message to the online trolls and people who have been critical of her, she added: “Find a hobby. I believe in respecting everyone until they disrespect you.”

Club Desire is owned by three colleagues, including Nas Mal and Sean Henry-Baird. Nas told The Lincolnite: “This is something completely different. The way technology is going everything is pretty much governed by online activity.

“For a very short video to generate a massive amount of interest like that, and the spin that she’ll brand herself with the club’s identity, is something I’ve never heard of and I’ve been running nightclubs for 20 years.”

He added that the club is coming towards the end of a refurbishment to make the venue look “a lot more plush and sophisticated downstairs”.