December 14, 2021 5.15 pm This story is over 30 months old

Baffling road rage on A17 as BMW driver mocks and slows up lorry

So dangerous!

By Local Democracy Reporter

A strange but no less dangerous spate of road rage in Lincolnshire has been caught on camera, as a BMW slammed its brakes, gestured to a driver and refused to let a lorry overtake, almost causing a major crash.

Travelling on the A17 near Long Sutton on Thursday, December 9 while driving in a 44-tonne artic lorry pulling a tanker, Simon Holloway came across a BMW X5 which had overtaken him, seemingly to just drive ahead and go on with his day.

However, it soon becomes apparent that the BMW driver is not going to abide by the typical rules of the road, as he begins to brake test the lorry and drive very slowly in front of the large vehicle.

As Simon pulls out to overtake the BMW back, the driver can be seen waving and mocking the lorry as he speeds up to block any potential overtake attempt.

The lorry manages to avoid a collision after being stuck on the central reservation part of the road, but still behind the BMW, who continues to dangerously slow down right in front of Simon’s 44-tonne vehicle.

The BMW stops in the middle of the road and that is where the video ends, and Simon has insisted to The Lincolnite that this is an unprovoked incident.

He said: “It was exactly as you see, with no events leading up to it. He got out, shouted something rude about lorry drivers, walked along the length of the lorry taking photos, then drove off.”

Simon caught the bizarre footage on his dashcam and says he has reported the incident to police for them to investigate further.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “This relates to a road rage incident on the A17, Kings Lynn Road at Long Sutton. No injuries were reported and it was recorded as a traffic offence.”