December 28, 2021 6.50 am This story is over 30 months old

Reflections 2021: James Pinchbeck – The year of doing things differently

A challenging time for everyone

By Partner, Streets Chartered Accountants

Who would have thought 2021 would be very much like 2020, including for many a further 12 months of working from home, with perhaps the highlights being the seemingly rare chance to participate and attend live events.

The year 2021 undoubtedly was a challenging one for many, if not all our clients, especially those who were at the tail end of the easing of lockdown, including those engaged in hospitality and leisure.

Invariably though our clients, many small and medium sized enterprises, have with true grit and resilience got through. We genuinely believe through providing much needed support and guidance and being on hand we have played our part in looking after them.

The past 12 months saw the need to respond to change, much out of necessity whether it was due to staff shortages, changes in working models or to respond to customer needs. All has led to new and innovative ideas and approaches.

Certainly, we have been busy supporting many technology businesses with new ideas in response to dealing with the impact of the pandemic or to help businesses address productivity issues.

From our firm’s perspective we were particularly delighted to be recognised for our effective, innovative and engaging branding and marketing communications in the Living Ratings of the UK’s top 50 accountancy firms, from Living Group. We climbed to number eight for marketing, brand and digital intelligence.

We also really appreciate the partnership we have with local agency Distract, who have played such an instrumental part in helping us achieve such a great result.

As a firm, 2021 has been another busy year, one which saw the continued development of specialist work in the fields of technology, bloodstock, media and entertainment as well as in terms of the provision of specialist tax work and international advice.

The summer saw the merger of the Luton based practice of S J Males with the firm to form Streets S J Males. The partnership also expanded with the appointment of new Corporate Tax Partner Mustafa Rafik, Business Development Partner Sarah Williams and the promotion of our bloodstock specialist Andrew Diplock to Partner.

We all started to enjoy a great level of freedom as the summer approached in 2021, with perhaps a lack of being able to get out in 2020 helping us to value time away from the home, whether for shopping, sport, leisure pursuits or the chance to catch up with family and friends.

For many it has been a time to reacquaint ourselves with or to get to know better our own surroundings. Certainly, it has been a true pleasure to explore, on bike or foot, more of the countryside around Lincoln and across Lincolnshire.

One such highlight was taking part in the annual C2C2C cycle ride, 100 miles from Lincoln to coast and back, organised by one of our fellow local accountancy firms. Along with other professionals it was a pleasure to sponsor the 10th annual ride in aid of charity. Having ridden all ten, it was even more special and it is great to spend time with professional colleagues and contacts many of whom had not been seen in person for over a year.

Whilst it has been a challenging year in terms of time to give, over and above the day job, it has been an especially rewarding one mentoring Sandra and Chris McDonough of Spalding based EyeGuideMC.

Sandra is truly inspirational, whilst facing the long-term effects of Parkinson’s she has invented, without prior technical knowledge or training, a device that improves the quality of those with the condition. In May this year, EyeGuideMC was officially launched and is now changing for the better the lives of those with Parkinson’s across the UK. Thanks go to Russell Copley for his 10 x 10 growth accelerator for supporting the business and for suggesting the mentoring role.

As we approach the end of the year, we were delighted to once again sponsor and support the Lincolnite’s 30 under 30. It was a delight to attend the celebration event in the Cathedral Chapter House and to meet so many innovative, creative, inspirational and imaginative young people whether pursing enterprise or having a key organisation role.

It was great to see such amazing role models and future business leaders.

2021 certainly has felt like the year of doing it differently and one where innovation and inspiration has been rife.