December 30, 2021 2.08 pm This story is over 23 months old

Urban explorers take a dip in ‘abandoned’ Lincoln swimming pool – and find goldfish

Not to be encouraged!

YouTubers, and self-proclaimed ‘urban explorers’, entered the ‘abandoned’ Sports Direct Fitness swimming pool in Lincoln to find pumps still churning, lights still shining and live goldfish enjoying the peaceful water.

Two brazen explorers posting under Ste G even went so far as risking “three days of diarrhoea” by plunging into the icy pool on Kingsley Road in November, taking a swim and counting unexpected fish.

The video, dated November 5, achieved almost 5,000 views and showed two men paddling in the algae carpeted pool and gargling the water before noticing they were sharing their leisurely paddle with numerous goldfish.

A lurking security officer appeared to spook the pair into vacating the pool, but not before resetting the alarm ‘to stop burglars getting in’.

Sports Direct Fitness only contacted customers in March this year to announce the Lincoln Southwest branch would not be reopening post-COVID lockdown.

Though the site has not been reopened, some have let themselves into the former gym to find some spotlights eerily illuminating the pool, and pumps continuing to bubble beneath clear water.

Another pair of YouTubers under the OMG Exploring channel posted a video just a week ago which showed the pool has now been littered with play equipment.

Floats and gym equipment bob listlessly in the new video, giving the impression intruders had once again taken the plunge.