February 18, 2022 9.00 pm

Lincolnshire Co-op to shut six Lincoln pharmacies on weekends

COVID staffing challenges are to blame

Six pharmacies in and around Lincoln will be closed on Saturdays by Lincolnshire Co-op due to staffing issues brought about by COVID-19.

Lincolnshire Co-op runs 49 pharmacies across the county, and six of those in the immediate vicinity of Lincoln will see opening hours changed drastically as they close on Saturdays, starting from February 19 (they are already closed on Sundays).

The six affected will be Burton Road Pharmacy, Winning Post Pharmacy on Carholme Road, Newark Road Pharmacy in North Hykeham, as well as sites in Branston, Bracebridge Heath and Skellingthorpe.

The reason for this decision is due to “a number of staffing challenges caused by a number of reasons” say Lincolnshire Co-op, namely staff members needing to self-isolate when they test positive for coronavirus.

As well as this, dispensing medication can only be done with a specific qualified team in place, presenting another challenge to the pharmacies and resulting in weekend closures.

For more information on the changing opening hours for pharmacies across your area you can visit the NHS website, and Lincolnshire Co-op are encouraging people to call NHS 111 in an emergency situation.