February 27, 2022 6.00 am This story is over 21 months old

Outcry as ‘South Humber’ proposed as name for new constituency

People says it has a “terrible name”

Plans to create a new ‘South Humber’ parliamentary constituency have been slammed due to the “terrible name”.

The Boundary Commission has opened a fresh consultation as it rebalances the areas represented by Members of Parliament.

Scartho, Humberston and New Waltham would be grouped with Immingham, Barton and Brigg into a new seat.

While most residents don’t mind the principle, the name has evoked bad memories of the unpopular Humberside County Council, which was abolished in 1996.

The majority of online responses to the consultation have called for a new title.

“The ordeal of ‘Humberside’ left a sour-taste in the mouths of people in this area of Lincolnshire, and I do not wish to see that name used to denote this area again,” one resident said.

“Like the existence of Humberside County Council, “Humber” tends to draw people’s mind to Hull and the rest of eastern Yorkshire, not the towns of northern Lincolnshire.”

Another online response said: “Terrible name and brings back memories of North and South Humberside, which were both roundly rejected. Why not have Lincolnshire or variation thereof?”

One person pointed out: “Nobody here considers themselves as living in South Humber. We live in North Lincolnshire and we are proud of that fact. Humberside was abolished years ago as many people did not recognise it.”

They added: “I feel that the area proposed is too big for any one MP to be able to ensure they can fairly represent their constituents. In addition it seems like it has been cobbled together to make up the numbers as it is an odd grouping of locations.”

A series of alternative names have been proposed, including ‘Northern Lincolnshire’, ‘North Lindsey’, ‘Barton & Immingham’ and ‘Elsham & Scartho’.

Even MP Martin Vickers (who currently represents most of the proposed region) said the ‘South Humber’ name should be abandoned.

“Local opinion is quite clear; people regard themselves as from Lincolnshire and use of Humber or Humberside is widely disliked and is not acceptable,” he wrote.

The goal of the redistricting is to balance MPs’ seat sizes so that each has roughly 74,000 electors, ensuring votes have equal weight.

Grimsby and Cleethorpes would be merged into a single seat under the proposal.

Scunthorpe would pick up neighbouring villages including Burringham, Gunness, Burton and Winterton.

The Isle of Axholme would be moved into newly-created ‘Doncaster East and Axholme’ seat.

The second round of consultations will run from February 22 to April 4.

Public hearings will be held for the region in Hull on March 14 and 15, and responses can be submitted online through the Boundary Commission Review website.