February 21, 2022 1.31 pm

Skegness lifeboatmen visit over 200 London Tube stations in 17-hour charity fundraiser

Brad and Nick want to complete 200 challenges by 2024!

Two lifeboatmen from RNLI Skegness climbed 17,000 steps and visited more than 200 London Tube stations in full rescue gear to raise money for the charity.

Brad Johnson, 27, and Nick Walton, 35, visited 204 tube stations in 17 hours on Saturday, February 19.

The challenge was part of RNLI Skegness’ ambition to take on 200 fundraising events to raise money for the charity before its 200th anniversary in 2024.

Brad came up with the idea for the 200 themed challenges, which are open to all the Skegness crew, including the recent Tube fundraiser. Brad and Nick will take on various challenges individually, together, and some with other members of the crew.

Nick Walton and Brad Johnson are aiming to complete 200 charity challenges by 2024, in time for the RNLI’s 200th anniversary.

Nick told The Lincolnite that due to London Underground rules charities are not allowed to collect money on their network, so all donations for the fundraising challenge need to be made online.

They raised around £450 over the weekend, with the total for all the challenges so far standing at more than £1,000.

Donate to the fundraiser here

Nick stepping off the train during the charity challenge.

Brad came up with the idea for the 200 for 200 challenges.

Nick, who has worked for RNLI Skegness for four years, said: “It was tough, it took us 17 hours to do 204 stations, we climbed 70 flights of stairs and about 17,000 steps.

“We had lots of people chatting to us and asking if their kids could have photos with us. It was great and gave us the opportunity to talk with people about water safety, both on the River Thames and when people come to the seaside.”

Brad, who has volunteered for RNLI for just under a year, added: “The challenge itself was exhausting, but above all it was so rewarding.

“Visiting 204 Tube stations in 17 hours in our full kit took it out of us but the reception from the general public was beyond anything we could’ve dreamt about.

“We spent a lot of time chatting with families children and the public about water safety and the work of charity. Would we do it again? Not tomorrow. But maybe in the future, yes!”

Brad (pictured) and Nick visited over 200 Tube stations in full rescue gear.

Departing the Tube at Baker Street.

Brad has already taken on other challenges this year, including a lengthy walk from Skegness to Mablethorpe and back, and tying 200 knots, and doing 200 laps around the in-shore lifeboat at RNLI Skegness.

Brad and Nick have a long list of other challenges lined up for later in the year, including 200 holes of crazy golf in 24 hours on March 26, and 200 frames of snooker during 2022.

Nick and Brad posing with police during their charity challenge.

The crew at RNLI Skegness is made up of 35 volunteers. Last year they attended just short of 30 jobs and the charity relies on donations to keep the service going.

Nick said: “The whole of the RNLI is funded by donations so by doing these challenges it helps give us the funds to continue the service, purchase new kit, and train crew members. The RNLI is delivering a world class life-saving service and cannot run that without the donations.”