February 7, 2022 3.09 pm This story is over 25 months old

YouTube star Beard Meats Food demolishes Lincoln breakfast challenge

He took less than half of the allotted time to complete it!

A viral YouTube eating star has demolished yet another challenge after becoming the first person to complete the mega breakfast at a Lincoln tea room.

Beard Meats Food, otherwise known as Adam Moran, has more than 1.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has beaten local challenges before including at Harty’s Cafe and Fox & Hounds in North Hykeham, and at Scothern’s Bottle & Glass pub.

On February 1, 2022 Adam went to Take 5 Tea Room in High Street, Lincoln to take on the mega breakfast challenge, which has a time limit of 40 minutes. Well, Adam took just 16 minutes to complete the challenge, and even had cake for dessert. He is expected to upload his video to his YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

The breakfast challenge is to eat four of the standard breakfasts within the time limit. This consists of eight Lincolnshire sausages, eight slices of bacon, four hash browns, four slices of black pudding, four portions of mushrooms, four portions of baked beans, four portions of tinned tomatoes, four fried eggs, and four slices of toast, as well as optional unlimited tea and coffee.

The challenge was first launched on January 19 this year and costs £22, although anyone beating it will get it for free. So far two other people have tried, and failed, the challenge, meaning Adam is currently the only successful competitor – anyone can give it a go by just turning up before 1.30pm any day of the week.

Beard Meats Food, otherwise known as Adam Moran, completed the challenge in 16 minutes!

Take 5 Tea Room first opened on August 24, 2020 after the opportunity came up for keen baker Keri Watters to fulfil her lifelong dream to own a cafe.

After lockdown hit, she adapted her business to include a breakfast menu and delivery service, and said the support of the people of Lincoln “saved us from having to close before we really had chance to get started”.

When asked about Beard Meats Food attempting the challenge, Keri told The Lincolnite: “Adam [from Beard Meats Food] came in on the one day I have off a fortnight but my husband, Mark Watters, and daughter Paige Bosher, were here to serve him.

“They said he was a very friendly guy and was very interested in our tea room. He even said that he had seen our afternoon tea challenge – he would have done that first, but will be coming back another time to try it.

“He finished his challenge in 16 minutes, and had a slice of our homemade Biscoff cake for afters.

“A couple of our regulars popped in for their lunch while he was here and were in complete awe of him, and how he could possibly fit all that in.”

In addition to the breakfast challenge, Take 5 Tea Room also offers a Mega Mix Afternoon Tea costing £15, which you get for free if you can beat it in 30 minutes.

It includes a sandwich of your choice, a fruit scone with clotted cream and jam, a slice of homemade cake, a homemade cupcake, a French fancy, a macaron, a millionaire bite, a sausage roll bite, a mini pork pie, quiche, scotch egg, cheese and biscuits, crisps, salad, fresh fruit, and unlimited tea or coffee.

Anyone wanting to tackle the Mega Mix challenge needs to give 24 hours notice prior to trying it!