March 15, 2022 9.12 am

Cost of licence fees to rise in North East Lincolnshire

How much it costs to open everything from a sex cinema to a bingo hall v.1

By Local Democracy Reporter

The cost of getting a licence for dozens of businesses in North East Lincolnshire– from zoos to betting shops – is set to go up.

The council has released its proposed fees for all manner of licences over the next year.

People running various businesses, from doggie daycare centres and bingo halls to sex shops and scrap metal collections, are required to get the official licence to ensure they are fit and are following the law.

Even some private activities, like owning a dangerous wild animal, need a licence.

Not surprisingly, some of these ventures are not cheap to get approval for, with opening a zoo and running a sex cinema having a particularly high cost.

North East Lincolnshire Council has released its proposed fees over the next year to cover the cost of reviewing and administering licences.

If you have ever dreamed of opening your own zoo or a dog kennels, here is what it would cost to get approved.

Animal welfare

Keeping dangerous wild animals – £429

Zoos – £936

Home boarding of dogs – £411

Arranging home boarding of dogs – £460 plus £244 per additional host

Day care of dogs – £392

Animal boarding – £440

Dog breeding – £538

Hiring out horses – £538

Sales of animals – £431

Exhibiting or performing animals – £411

Sex entertainment venues

Sex entertainment venues with live performances – £1794

Sex cinemas – £1794

Sex shops – £1794


Bingo premises – £987

Adult gaming centre – £987

Family entertainment centre – £987

Betting premises – £987

Scrap metal dealers

Site licence – £560

Additional sites – £312 each

Collector licence – £400


New drivers licence (three years) – £282

Vehicle inspection – £39

The new fees will go to the Licensing and Community Protection Committee for confirmation on Tuesday, March 15.

If approved, the new costs would come into force some time in 2022.