March 4, 2022 3.12 pm

Courier fraudster uses Lincs Police contact number

The number came up on the victim’s phone as Police HQ

We are reminding residents to be extra vigilant following a report of courier fraud.

A victim in Cambridgeshire received a call from a male pretending to be an inspector from the NCA Legal Team. The number he rang from displayed as the Lincolnshire Police HQ phone number.

The suspect claimed that the victim’s ID was used to open bank accounts fraudulently in North Wales. The victim, aged in her 50s, gave bank names. The suspect has sent a copy of his ID over Whats app. It showed the NCA logo and was sent on an identified mobile number. The suspect has made the victim buy Apple iTunes gift cards, load them with money, and send him the codes.

The next morning, she received a call from him saying officers from Holbeach would attend at 10:30hrs but they did not come, victim called Lincolnshire police to enquire.

  • Your bank or the police will never call you to ask you to verify your personal details or PIN by phone or offer to pick up your card by courier. Hang up, use a different phone if you have one (these criminals keep the line open whilst you dial, misleading you into thinking you are talking to your bank) and call your bank on a number you know to be genuine.
  • Your bank or the police will not contact you out of the blue to participate in an investigation in which you need to withdraw money from your bank or to purchase high value goods, such as watches, gold coins, jewellery or gold bullion.
  • Your bank will never send a courier to your home to collect your card, PIN, or other valuables; therefore, any requests to do so are a scam.

If in doubt call the police on 101 and report the incident, if a courier is at your door call the police on 999