March 31, 2022 3.53 pm This story is over 20 months old

Split reactions as Imps suspend playing Dambusters March at games

The decision was made amid tensions in Ukraine

“Ridiculous decision” and “what a joke” are just some of the ways people have reacted to Lincoln City’s decision to temporarily suspend the playing of the Dambusters March theme and sounding air raid sirens at the LNER Stadium.

The famous theme tune to the Dambusters movie is sung proudly by Imps fans at matches to spur on the team, leaving many baffled as to why this has now been temporarily stopped.

The decision was announced in an update to supporters by chief executive Liam Scully. He said the decision was made “in the context of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine” and will be reviewed.

Scully also asked for “support and backing with this conclusion” but not everyone agrees with the decision.

Fans, including Gary Hutchinson who runs the Stacey West blog, said there has been a mixed reaction and that his podcast co-host Ben “disagrees with me”.

Gary said: “I don’t see the value in not playing the Dambusters (the siren I can understand, if not entirely agree with)” – read his full blog on the issue here.

The Lincolnite readers and members of the popular Lincoln City Banter Facebook group have also had their say.

Colin Draycott said: “Ridiculous decision just to keep the always ever so faux offended brigade. Get a grip and keep playing a well loved tune. There is always some war going on somewhere in the world.”

Phillip Richmond said: “I understand the slight comparisons however when are we going to stop pandering for the sake of the few compared to the majority. I don’t think anyone from Ukraine would compare the two at all. We are a proud county and of the role our ancestors played in the Second World War.”

Rob Bradley said: “The club CEO could probably earn much more in another industry but stays in football and works very hard for Lincoln City (and) his staff too.

“Directors invest their own money – lots of it – and their own time in busy lives as guardians of the club.

“Supporters organisations volunteer and put in many hours with the aim of doing what they feel is the best for Lincoln City. Fine to disagree with decisions – no problem at all. They’ve been made with the right intentions but all opinions are valid.

“It’s not right though to make harsher comments (which I won’t quote) if you consider the above points. My opinion only of course.”

Glenys Wilcox said: “We need to remember we have a large age group base amongst our fans, many who live through WWII and, whilst it is traditional, and as we see it our way of honouring and showing respect for our county’s history and heritage, it can bring some unwanted memories for others.

“We are IMPS, we are an inclusive family club, please respect this man (Scully) he is allowed his opinion.”

Chris Booth said: “What a joke. We should be proud of our history not taking it away because of some dictator…stand up to these people.”

Pat Edwards said: “That is a terrible decision and makes me very angry. My dad fought in WW11 for our freedom. Are we going to give in to Putin…I flipping well hope not.”

Andy Smith said: “Whilst I fully support Ukraine this is not right. The two have zero connection.” Tim Mobbs added: “The dams are in Germany not the Ukraine, don’t see the logic of this”.

Nick Julian said: “Surely the Ukrainians would applaud our display of national pride as they are obviously proud of their own heritage.”