March 24, 2022 6.00 am

Visit Lincolnshire supports local economy with new Green Tourism Toolkit

Helping local businesses become more sustainable

Visit Lincolnshire and the county council launched a downloadable Green Tourism Toolkit to help local businesses implement sustainable practices for a greener future.

The toolkit is available on Visit Lincolnshire’s new business community website to support the visitor economy in the Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland area in making their first steps to becoming more sustainable.

It introduces the concept of Green Tourism and how it can benefit hospitality, leisure and tourism businesses.

Businesses will find helpful information about how to transform their everyday practices in a sustainable way, with a downloadable toolkit, factsheets, online articles, and masterclass videos.

The toolkit is described as a ‘user-friendly and easily accessible resource’ and is laid out in five main sections – managing sustainability, people, planet, place, and grant funding.

Lincolnshire businesses can get started using the Green Tourism Toolkit by calculating their carbon emissions using the online carbon calculator – see more information here.

Mary Powell is Lincolnshire County Council’s Tourism Manager, who has led the project’s development. She said: “This is just the beginning of the sustainable support that we are providing the visitor economy sector across Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland.

“We want to support businesses in becoming proactive about turning their business greener and practising sustainability, making better places for people to live and better places for people to visit.

“This is of increasing importance to our visitors, so there are good business reasons for starting this process. We want to be able to attract visitors responsibly and understand that now more than ever, it is crucial to take care of our amazing places while still extending a warm Lincolnshire welcome.

“The Green Tourism Toolkit introduces achievable practices in a series of simple steps that our tourism businesses can adopt that can really make a difference to their eco-credentials and green aspirations.”