April 28, 2022 3.00 pm This story is over 19 months old

Lincoln village school warning after child talks about ‘Huggy Wuggy’ game

The school is warning parents to be extra vigilant

A Lincoln village school has issued a warning to parents after a young child spoke about playing a game called Huggy Wuggy, which has “quite worrying” features.

Huggy Wuggy is a charter in the computer game Poppy Playtime, created by MOB Games, and has since been starring in popular fan videos shared across TikTok and YouTube. The character is one of the main villains and appears as a furry blue monster with razor sharp teeth, and reportedly sings about ‘hugging and killing’ in videos seen by young children.

One popular YouTube edit even reportedly features the character in a scene from Peppa Pig and Dorset Police were among the forces to issue a warning to parents earlier this month.

Nettleham Infant and Nursery School said it had a child in nursery on April 26 talking about playing the game, which prompted headteacher Catherine Jollands to send a message to parents later the same day.

The message, seen by The Lincolnite, said: “Some of the features of this game sound quite worrying and definitely not appropriate for children under seven.

“We want to warn parents to be extra vigilant over the seemingly fun videos that actually feature a menacing character with razor-sharp teeth.

“The animated character goes by the friendly name of Huggy Wuggy, leading parents and children to believe the videos are aimed at youngsters and contain no inappropriate material.

“This is also slipping through parent filters. The blue bear-like creature chases and threatens other characters in nightmarish scenarios, leaving many children upset and frightened.

“The character is from a survival horror game called Poppy Playtime, but has been made into popular videos which appear on YouTube and have seemingly slipped through parental controls.

“The Huggy Wuggy character has also been recreated on Roblox, a virtually community where users can create their own 3D worlds with their own game players.

“If you are worried about your child watching these videos please speak to your child’s class teacher.”