April 1, 2022 9.18 am

Lincolnshire councils to feature in new local authority sim

Raise taxes and avoid getting voted out

Lincolnshire councils are to appear in a new video game exploring life as a local authority today.

In Council Simulator 2022, from LA Gaming, gamers will decide where money will be spent, raise taxes and increase costs all while trying to avoid your councillors being voted out at the next elections.

Choose your party and which council to lead, including both upper tier councils such as Lincolnshire County Council and district members such as the City of Lincoln.

Press spokesman Raol Pilsfo said: “Players will face some tough choices as government cuts funding over the years.

“Of course you can lobby them for more money, but to make sure players get a true representation it has a 0.1% success rate.

“To make it as realistic as possible we also removed the option to lower costs to residents – because what council would do that?”

Players will also face a series of random events including scoops by the highly successful local news websites. There’ll also be naughty behaviour from their own councillors and opposition members making very valid arguments – all of which will have little to no impact on your election chances (as long as you’re the blue team).

One local councillor commented: “It’s a totally accurate council simulator. I chose to play as the red team and just got absolutely hammered in the polls! Fantastic!”

Council simulator will be available at all authority supporting game stores until lunch time today (Friday, April 1) but be fast because the price keeps going up and up and up.