April 5, 2022 12.37 pm

Location approved for Grace Brockelsby memorial bench in Boston

Grace sadly lost her life in 2019

The location for a memorial bench to commemorate the life of Grace Brockelsby, who sadly died after ongoing battles with her mental health, has been approved by councillors in Boston.

An inquest previously heard that the 19-year-old stepped out in front of a lorry on Wainfleet Road on June 5, 2019, after taking a Japanese anti-anxiety drug not licensed in the UK, which it was said may have affected her cognitive ability at the time.

Grace had been a resident of Boston all her life but she died having struggled with her mental health in her later years. Her passing left those around her questioning if they could have done more to help.

Since her death, Grace’s godmother and family friend Lisa Tague sparked the idea of creating a bench in her memory, hand-carved with all her favourite things as a permanent reminder of how much she meant to the people around her.

Boston Town Area Committee (BTAC) approved the location of the memorial bench on March 24, which it is hoped will be unveiled in June.

The bench will be located in Boston Central Park, opposite the newly built Skate Park, with St Botolph’s and the playing field in the background.

The photo shows the bench that inspired the idea and pictured are the two children of Grace’s godmother Lisa Tague.

The bench will create a space of reflection for those who struggle with their mental health. It will have details of the mental health charity Mind, including a helpline number, opening hours, and a QR code that links to www.mind.org.uk/grace, which is tailored towards support for younger people.

Over the last few months, Grace’s godmother Lisa has been working hard to make the vision a reality. Working alongside Boston Borough, she set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the bench, sent plans to a local wood sculptor and had donations from residents, including £1,000 from BTAC.

From the GoFundMe page, £2,070 has been raised towards the target of £2,800. Lisa is determined to meet this figure and she has many fundraising plans lined up in the near future.

The memorial bench will be a permanent reminder of how much Grace meant to the people around her.

Lisa said: “I am truly overwhelmed by all the support and love for Grace. I hope that together we can make a difference with the bench, however small to all those who still suffer with their mental health.

“I’d like to thank each and every person who has taken time to message, donate, give time, support or even read Grace’s story. We are so grateful to everyone for the fantastic support and for the community being so accepting of the idea.

“Thank you to Councillor Goodale and the team at Boston Borough Council for the donation and all the support in making this project possible. We are hoping the bench will be ready for everyone to enjoy in June.”

Councillor Paul Goodale, Chairman of the Boston Town Area Committee, said “We are honoured to be a part of Grace’s legacy. The bench will be a perfect addition to the Central Park, where not only Grace’s friends and family can remember her by but it will also be a space for the public to reflect.

“Lisa has worked hard to make this idea become a reality and we look forward to seeing the bench finished in all its glory!”