May 26, 2022 10.38 am This story is over 24 months old

New ‘Jurassic Ark’ attraction open at wildlife park in Lincolnshire

Opening in time for May half-term

A wildlife park near Boston has opened ‘Jurassic Ark’ which it believes will be ‘Lincolnshire’s largest dinosaur attraction’.

Jamie Mintram, who co-owns Ark Wildlife Park & Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Stickney with his wife Michelle, told The Lincolnite the new dinosaur themed area will form a large part of the site’s makeover.

Visitors will be able to come face-to-face with the pre-historic from life like models to moving and roaring animatronics when ‘Jurassic Ark’ opens to the public on May 28.

Animatronic dinosaurs similar to this will be part of what Ark Wildlife Park hopes will be “biggest dinosaur attraction in Lincolnshire”.

Visitors can meet heavily armoured giants, triceratops and stegosaurus to the fearsome T-rex and terrifying dilophosauras, and more.

There will also be a photo opportunity for visitors as they pop their heads out of a hatching dinosaur egg, and during peak times they can meet Baby Blue the hatchling velociraptor.

Younger visitors can become palaeontologists and unearth a dinosaur at the velociraptor dig. Kids can also go on the hunt for the stamp stations located across the park – if they collect all six and head to reception they can claim a free enamel dinosaur pin.

Jurrasic Ark is located at Ark Wildlife Park & Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Stickney near Boston.

The Ark is set to have its biggest year since opening, not only with the dinosaur attraction, but also several new rescue projects under way.

The wildlife park will soon be welcoming a group of Barbary macaques, a large primate species originating from Africa. They will all come in after having been illegally held pets, with one in particular which was chained in a garage in Spain.

Later this summer will see the arrival of two caracals (often referred to as Africa’s most beautiful wildcat), which were also seizures from the exotic pet trade.

The park’s co-owner and founder Jamie Mintram said: “It’s been an incredibly busy time for us, with so much happening at once. This is the biggest expansion since we opened, with multiple rescue projects running at the same time as the new dino attraction to broaden our appeal to families.

“We’re not done yet with another first for Lincolnshire in development as we plan a nocturnal house for a group of rescued kinkajous that we hope to have open later this year.”