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Swan spends night on drip after being found on busy road covered in fuel

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue needs your help

A wildlife rescue group in Cleethorpes is appealing for donations to help fund the £600 costs of the vet bill and equipment of a swan they rescued who was covered in fuel.

Diesel the mute swan was collected by one of the volunteers at Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue after being spotted on a busy high speed road near Grimsby shortly after 3.30pm on Thursday, May 5. The swan was safely removed from Hobson Way, which is located just outside the South Humber Bank Power Station.

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue said: “He stunk of fuel and was covered across his body. He was contaminated; he marked the floor wherever he sat…It’s very fortunate for this swan that it wasn’t hit by a car and that no-one had been smoking nearby.”

“He stunk of fuel and was covered across his body. He was contaminated,” the rescue group said. | Photo: Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue

The swan was rushed back for the rescue group to do an immediate chemical contamination clean “to remove as much as possible” while arranging treatment at their vets. Initially signs showed Diesel may have ingested the chemical so he was given further treatment as a precaution.

The rescue group has set up a fundraiser for Diesel as the vet bill is estimated at around £400, while certain pieces of equipment need replacing including the swan bag the bird was carried in which was damaged from the fuel.

A fundraiser has been set up to raise funds for the vet bill and rehabilitation costs, as well as to replace certain pieces of equipment. | Photo: Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue

Rehabilitation costs, including medication, bedding, food, and any follow-up visits mean the total costs will be at least £600.

Donate to the fundraiser here

Diesel was spotted on a busy road and Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue were called to help the swan. | Photo: Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue

Aaron Goss, one of the volunteers at Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue, told The Lincolnite: “He’s been on a drip all night to rehydrate him and is showing a lot of good signs that he will get better.

“We think there has probably been a chemical or diesel spill nearby and he went into one of the banks and when he came out he was covered [in fuel].

“With it being such an expensive rescue it will cost up to or over £600. We are volunteers and need extra support. It’s so important as being entirely funded by donations it wouldn’t be possible without public support.”

Cleethorpes Wildlife Rescue is run by three main volunteers – Aaron Goss, Linda Bass, Lauren McCall – and in April alone they received four to five calls every day about animals needing to be rescued. People also drop off animals which they are concerned about and donations can be made to the rescue group here.