June 24, 2022 11.08 am

First monkeypox cases confirmed in Lincolnshire and Newark

Two cases in the region this week

The Monkeypox virus has officially landed in our region, with the first confirmed cases in North Lincolnshire and Newark this week.

The cases were released in the weekly Noids report published by the UK Health Security Agency, stating that as of the week ending June 19, a further 17 Monkeypox cases were confirmed in the UK.

One of these cases was in the North Lincolnshire upper authority, with another nearby at the county border in Newark and Sherwood district.

Monkeypox is a rare, little-known disease that occurs mostly in remote parts of Africa, caused by a virus from the same family as smallpox.

There are now more than 750 confirmed cases of Monkeypox virus in the UK, with the government bringing out small stocks of the smallpox vaccine to provide protection.

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