June 24, 2022 3.37 pm

Police warn of drug dangers as large bong found under bridge

To the parents/guardians/carers of the young adults that frequent Blackmoor Bridge in Haxey: I’m sure one of you will recognise this grey adidas bag as potentially belonging to your child, we have recovered this from under the bridge.

As you will see, inside the bag is a rather large drug facilitating device. Also present were silver pieces of tinfoil within the bag and empty plastic small zip lock bags.

I think its time to have a serious and frank discussion about drugs and the effects they can have on your health, wellbeing, future and the local community.

Should you wish me to aid in this discussion and early intervention work and look into relevant referrals for this habit then please contact me on [email protected].

I would assume that once taking these potential illegal substances it affects their decision making in relation to the amount of littering I also found at the location, lots of empty alcohol cans, bottles, wrappers, boxes etc. – such a shame as this is right next to the entry to the rear of Haxey Primary school…

The device was found in this Adidas bag. | Photo: Humberside Police – North Lincolnshire

Should they have to witness such dis-resect to our open spaces on their walk into school? The effort that was contributed by the children in their “Anti-litter” campaign seems to have been forgotten- Such a shame!

Is your young adult part of this group? Do you know what they are getting up to? Have you talked about the misuse of drugs?

I look forward to working alongside you, social housing, North Lincs council, youth workers, drug and alcohol intervention services, Haxey Parish Council and the local community to put a stop to this life changing habit and ASB related issues.

Your local NPT team and patrol colleagues will again continue to monitor the area and deal with offences in a “zero tolerance” manner following previous issues at the location. The bag and its contents will of course be sent for destruction.