June 15, 2022 4.00 pm

Sutton bridge works due to finish in July

The work is on track, council says

Major traffic works to the Cross Keys Swing Bridge on the A17 at Sutton are on track, bosses have said.

The bridge has been painted and further overnight works have been taking place over the past few weeks with a scheduled end date of July 1.

However, they have caused a number of issues for local residents and commuters and disrupted traffic on a number of occasions, leaving many to question when they will be finished.

A spokesman for the county council told reporters: “It’s all on schedule – we’ve had nothing to extend the dates so far.

A diversion route during this period takes the A17, A47, Lynn Road, A1101, A17 (and vice versa). This is also the current advisory route should road users want to avoid the queues at the Swing Bridge at any point during the remaining work schedule.

Since work began, crews on site have discovered seriously deteriorated sections of the structure’s protection. They are replacing and repairing the sections as part of the works that will mean a continued lifespan for the bridge.

The project, which began at the end of February, has been in a critical phase of works. Because the work on the ends of the bridge means the structure itself has to be held open for extended periods of time, works will be held through the night to cut further disruption to road users.