September 29, 2022 4.45 pm This story is over 14 months old

Police debunk rumours after gruesome Cleethorpes organs discovery

The police investigation is now closed

A discovery in Cleethorpes of what was first thought to be ‘internal organs’ was in fact animal offal, Humberside Police confirmed.

Police attended Suggitts Lane in Cleethorpes at 9.10pm on Monday, September 26 after reports of unidentified internal organs in the street.

Lloyd Binns, who made the discovery, The Lincolnite that at around 9pm that evening a man had “waved through our window wanting our attention and he pointed out this slab of insides outside our house”.

Police have since confirmed it was in fact animal offal. | Photo: Lloyd Binns

It looked like “something had been disembowelled,” Lloyd said. | Photo: Lloyd Binns

Lloyd then called the police as he had “no idea what it could belong to. (It looked) like something that had been disembowelled and I was shocked something like that could be on the pavement.

“I was worried what it might be, as it was too large for the inside of a fox, dog etc. But we do have deer around here. Those kidneys are as long as my hand.

“I’m glad it’s not human, but it’s still a puzzle as to what it belonged to.”

Police attended the scene on Suggitts Lane in Cleethorpes. | Photo: Lloyd Binns

More photos of the discovery. | Photo: Lloyds Binns

A spokesperson for Humberside Police said: “Following a thorough investigation, it was identified as a bag containing animal offal.”

The Lincolnite asked Humberside Police if they were still investigating the circumstances of how it got there and were told there is “no further investigation”.