October 3, 2022 5.18 pm This story is over 17 months old

“Is this Monopoly money?”: Woman stunned as McDonald’s reject Scottish note

McDonald’s have apologised

By Local Democracy Reporter

A woman in Lincolnshire was shocked that a Sleaford McDonald’s rejected her payment with Scottish notes, after she was mocked for the tender that looked like “Monopoly money”.

Julia Miller, 34, moved to Scotland from Lincolnshire earlier this year and was coming back to the county for a family event over the weekend, when she stopped off at McDonald’s on Holdingham Roundabout in Sleaford.

When handing over a £20 Scottish note to pay for the food, Julia was reportedly “laughed at” by the member of staff on the drive-thru, before she asked: “Is this Monopoly money?”

“I was extremely embarrassed at the situation.” Julia said. “I explained that we can still spend it in England and have never had it rejected before, but they still refused as we scrambled around the car to find change that could pay for the meal.

“I was quite annoyed that we had to pay in pound coins that we had in the car. I asked to see the manager who told us it was their policy, but I have paid for McDonald’s with Scottish notes before and never had a problem.

“What I don’t understand is why we can’t spend them in that McDonald’s but can in others? When we googled it, it seems to be at the manager’s discretion.”

According to the Bank of England, a shop owner can choose what payment they accept as a matter of discretion. Legal tender is classified as Royal Mint coins and Bank of England notes in this country, not Scottish notes.

However, many common payment methods such as cheques and debit cards are not legal tender, either, prompting the question of whether or not Scottish notes should also be allowed in England, as they fall under a similar category to that of a contactless payment.

Julia explained that while she could have paid for the meal by card, she was “upset” about the situation and wanted to take a stand. “I would rather have driven off with no food than pay on card for it,” she says.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We are very sorry to hear about this customer’s experience. Scottish notes are accepted as tender at our restaurant in Sleaford and the team have been reminded of the correct procedures.”