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Guy Martin new C4 show looks at why energy bills are so high

Guy will “investigate the past, present and future of British energy”

Lincolnshire motorcycle racer turned TV celebrity Guy Martin will star in a new three-part television show starting this weekend where he investigates the past, present and future of British energy.

The first episode of the Great British Power Trip will air at 9pm on Channel 4 on Sunday, February 12 and will see the Lincolnshire lorry mechanic “investigate the past, present and future of British energy to work out how the country makes its power and why it costs so much”.

Guy will work hands on at every stage of the energy production process, from “inside the boiler at the country’s biggest power station, to the top of the highest pylons, to the most advanced nuclear fusion lab in the world”.

Guy Martin refuelling with HVO fuel. | Photo: North One Television/Channel 4

The first episode begins with Guy testing every piece of equipment in his own workshop to find out which items use the most electricity. He tries to work out the reasons behind his big bills and starts at his local power station.

In this episode he also helps an explosive team demolish one of Britain’s oldest coal-burning power stations.

Guy said: “I originally wanted to do something about how renewable energy worked because I was sceptical about it – installing wind turbines off-shore and importing solar panels from China felt energy-intensive to me.

“Then we had this energy crisis business and so we went from covering renewables to all forms of power (and) why our electricity bills are so dear.”

Guy admitted that since making the series he has “got a lot of batteries and solar panels”.

Guy Martin in Drax power station cooling tunnel. | Photo: North One Television/Channel 4

When asked if he will be more careful with how he uses energy, he said: “When we finished making the programme, and I’d seen lots spent on power generation and how complicated the infrastructure is, in some ways I couldn’t believe how cheap and easy to access electricity is.

“I went down to the National Grid Control Centre just outside of London and there are a hundred people working in there, they have a load of armed security and and every little detail is immaculate.

“Then we flew with the helicopter team who inspect electricity pylons every single day. Then you go to Drax or Sellafield and the numbers involved in logistics, storage, staff are staggering.

“I hadn’t thought about any of that before, so it amazes me how cheap electricity is. But in the same breath, I’m still first to be whinging about my electric bill.”

Guy Martin sitting on a London open top bus. | Photo: North One Television/Channel 4

So if the government asked which power source to invest in, what would Guy say? “Nuclear fusion,” he said. “More research, more people, because when that happens, electricity will be so cheap. All the eggs should be in that basket.

“And it will be like a space race – invest in real high-tech stuff like that and you don’t know what spin-off benefits will be found on the way to making it all work. What will the next non-stick frying pan be?”

Guy Martin with the HVO fuel provider. | Photo: North One Television/Channel 4

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