March 8, 2023 5.00 pm This story is over 15 months old

UFO spotter captures ‘massive bright light’ in sky over Lincoln

He believes it was a UFO not a plane

A UFO enthusiast in Lincoln believes he may have spotted an aerial phenomenon in the city’s skies.

Michael Lamming has been fascinated with UFOs since he was young.

Although there’s been increased aircraft activity due to Exercise Cobra Warrior at RAF Waddington, he believes it wasn’t a plane.

The 39-year-old was in his Ermine East back garden on Monday evening around 7.30pm when he saw the bright light.

Michael told The Lincolnite the suspected UFO stayed in the sky “just hovering” for around 10 to 15 minutes before suddenly “moving really fast to another spot”.

This is what Michael saw in the sky, which he believes was a UFO.

The lights then turned off before coming back on for another five minutes, and then it disappeared.

“I was looking towards the Woodhall Drive area and the bright light was growing,” he said.

“I took a further look and the lights went out, and then they came back and started moving quite fast.”

He said the “way it looked” convinced him that it wasn’t a plane.

“It was blurry and the lights were shining into the clouds around it. I couldn’t see the shape of it but the light was so bright,” he said.

Michael believes he spotted a UFO in Lincoln (left), which was “just hovering” for around 10 to 15 minutes before it later “disappeared” (right).

He added: “It moved quick and came back to the same spot again. The moon was below the light and facing down Waddingworth Grove.

“I didn’t hear any aeroplanes or helicopters go past. At first I thought it was a Chinese balloon, but we have had UFO sightings in the past in Lincoln around two years ago.

“It was very fast moving and the lights went out and came back on again, so I thought it would be a UFO.”

The sighting coincided with an aircraft from RAF Waddington circling over Lincoln according to FlightRadar24.

However, Michael is adamant that it couldn’t have been that he saw, describing it as a “big massive bright light, moving fast from one spot to another.”

UFO enthusiast Michael Lamming.

Michael, who is originally from Scunthorpe, said he enjoys doing research on UFOs and has seen clips online from Lincoln and other parts of the UK.

This wasn’t the only shining light seen in the county this week as the moon was reportedly seen at its brightest on Tuesday evening (March 7) just after sunset.

Others reported a bright blue object in the Lincoln sky on Tuesday evening.

A bright blue object was also seen hovering in the Lincoln sky during the evening of Tuesday, March 7. | Photo: Beckie Smart

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