June 2, 2023 1.00 pm This story is over 9 months old

Boston’s streets to blossom with two-metre high floral displays

A colourful makeover for the town centre

In an effort to make their mark and bring a vibrant touch to the town, Boston’s new leadership has set its sights on transforming public spaces with towering floral displays.

During a meeting held on June 2, the Boston Town Area Committee agreed to allocate £8,000 towards the installation of two-metre high floral arrangements strategically positioned throughout the town.

The objective is to enhance the visual allure of Boston’s streets, creating an inviting atmosphere for both locals and visitors.

Boston Independent Group Councillor Dale Broughton announced the ambitious project with the intention of showcasing the group’s commitment to revitalizing the town.

He said: “This paper sets out our ambition to brighten up Boston, to bring some colour to the town centre and to help make it a welcoming and more hospitable place to shop, work and enjoy leisure time in.

“The intention of the report says is to help support a vibrant town centre economy by further demonstrating what a wonderful space the town centre really is

While the decision has garnered enthusiasm, concerns were raised regarding public liability and the potential for damage or vandalism.

Examples of how the floral displays could look were shown to councillors at the meeting.

Councillor Barrie Pierpoint asked if the plants would have protection “so people aren’t going to go in there and start pulling them to bits or walking in there and vandalising them”.

Maintenance procedures for the floral displays were also questioned.

Before final approval, consultation with partners, including Boston in Bloom and Lincolnshire County Council, will take place to address concerns.

Acknowledging the potential risks, officials noted that while there have been occasional incidents in the past, existing planters in the town have rarely suffered damage.

In the same meeting, the Boston Town Area Committee also greenlit an extensive set of enhancements for Central Park, Woodville Road, St John’s, and Garfit’s Lane play areas, amounting to nearly £150,000.

The upgrades will encompass the installation of new turf, picnic benches, and various play equipment, including a giraffe, car, donkey, water lilies, and four-way springers, within Central Park.

Additionally, St John’s Boston will welcome a new three-piece ship, while Garfit’s Lane will introduce two concrete table tennis tables. Woodville Road’s funding will replace the pirate ship destroyed in a fire in September 2022, shortly after its opening in October 2019.