October 25, 2023 2.01 pm

Fiskerton flood warning: River Witham bank breach fears prompt evacuation

Around 70 homes have been advised to evacuate in the village

In a concerning development, a slump in the River Witham’s bank at Fiskerton, West Lindsey, east of Lincoln, has put local authorities and residents on edge. Around 70 homes have been advised to evacuate as the risk of a bank breach remains high.

Officers are patrolling the village, keeping residents updated on the situation. For those seeking more information or help with finding alternative accommodation, an information centre has been established at Fiskerton Village Hall.

While river levels on the Witham are not expected to rise further, and authorities are actively monitoring the situation for any signs of a breach.

Residents are also being cautioned to stay vigilant against scams. Officers visiting properties will always introduce themselves and show proper identification. Importantly, they will never ask for bank details or money.

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