November 14, 2023 8.30 pm

Meet the new Imps manager Michael Skubala: The unfamiliar name steering Lincoln City’s future

He’s had various coaching jobs over 20 years

Michael Skubala’s recent appointment as the head coach of Lincoln City has sparked a vibrant mix of reactions. While a chorus of fans are buzzing with excitement, others are left scratching their heads, murmuring, “Who’s that?” It’s a reminiscent scene, echoing the days when Danny Cowley, then a lesser-known figure, took the reins in May 2016.

Skubala may not be a household name yet, but his football pedigree runs deeper than many realise. With a recent history as a former Leeds United assistant and interim head coach, his two decades in various coaching roles paint the picture of an unsung maestro in football tactics.

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