Each year, we ask photographer Steve Smailes to select his favourite shots captured on camera by you the readers from our wonderful county of Lincolnshire.

Whether it be candid wildlife moments, stunning sceneries or vibrant views of Lincolnshire, there are so many beautiful landscapes to admire.

Here are the top 10 reader-submitted photographs of 2021, as selected by The Lincolnite‘s photographer Steve Smailes from our Instagram page.

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Dave Newman

Wildlife photography has always fascinated me. The patience required is admirable and this is a great action shot.

Steve Percival

Capturing fireworks is difficult to time and expose correctly. Framing it with a background at the right height is even harder. Well done!

Marek Pawlowski

What a crazy shot! Marek must have been really close to this squirrel for this as a guess it’s some kind of wide angle and a shallow depth of field. From the reflection in the eyes and the lighting on the squirrel maybe some flash as well? No idea how that has been done but well done!

Andrew Scott

This is a really enchanting scene with some lovely colours. It makes me want to go for a walk there again.

Dave Newman

The reflections really make this snap sing. A lovely shot of a cute duckling.

Calvin Taylor

Getting wildlife to look directly at the camera like this is great timing. Also I love the yellow colours from the field.

Jason Grove

This image of a Nuthatch is well framed and the depth of the shot with the branches in the background really adds to the drama. Lovely.

Paul Morrison

This spectacular drone shot is from an angle I’ve not seen before. Higher than most drone shots and with a lovely wide lens. I’m a big fan of wide angles! Stunning!

Hannah White

Steep Hill looks great in all weather but this snowy shot is a lovely wintry scene.

Dave Newman

This unique angle is a great image that fills the frame in a really interesting way. The beady eyes of the Heron draw your attention and the angle of the beak gives a weird perspective. I’d love to know what angle you were at for this!


Over the last year as many of you will know we’ve been asking readers to send in their images to be shared on our Instagram page.

We’ve had a wide range of images from all over Lincolnshire, showing the beautiful landscapes and wildlife the city and county have to offer.

As The Lincolnite‘s photographer, I’ve chosen my top five images from readers that have been shared on the Instagram page this year, along with what I think makes them great.

I’ve explained a little about why I’ve chosen them, so maybe you’ll be inspired to get out and capture your own photos to send in for next year.

Submit your photos using this form. Follow The Lincolnite on Instagram on @LoveLincolnite. You can see more of Steve’s work over on his Instagram or website.

Colin Bradding

I have a great appreciation for wildlife photography. It’s something I don’t do a lot of myself, but I know the time and dedication needed to get these shots just right, so when I saw this I knew I had to include it.

A clever use of props. Well done Colin!

Jim Tozer

Here’s a great example of framing the subject, in this case the Cathedral.

This is a great skill to have as a photographer, being able to find interesting angles and viewpoints to make your photos visually appealing can make an image really shine. Congratulations Jim!

Andy Wilson

I’ll start by saying photographing fireworks are really difficult! So well done to Andy for getting this shot.

There’s lots to deal with. For a start your camera has to be very still so you don’t get shakes on the light trails. Then you have to make sure you get the whole explosion in the frame and hope you get a few fireworks in different areas, so the image doesn’t become a white hot mess.

Finally you have to get the shutter speed right to catch enough explosions, but not too many or again you’ll get a white hot mess. If you manage all that you get something like this. Great work Andy!

Andrew Scott

Another great wildlife image here and an incredible shot with the deer looking straight down the lens for that added impact of looking directly at us.

I love the backdrop of the field as well for that added pop of colour. A lot of photography is being in the right place at the right time and Andrew certainly was for this image. Great work.

Congratulations Andrew for this great image of a sunrise over Lincoln as well. I’m guessing this made the early morning wake up time worth it!

Here’s a great use of composition with the Cathedral in the background, but with the position of the sun its the focal point, and then the horse in the foreground gives that sense of scale as we look across the misty West Common as dawn arrives.

Great colours and the mist really adds to the drama of the image.

Submit your photos using this form. Follow The Lincolnite on Instagram on @LoveLincolnite. You can see more of Steve’s work over on his Instagram or website.

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