Children at a school in Coningsby have been walking and playing with other kids of a different kind — cute pygmy goats.

Coningsby St. Michael’s CofE Primary School, which is part of the Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust, developed an outside area that had been waste ground to create a Mystical Garden around three years ago.

It includes vegetable beds, a cave, fire pit, outdoor classroom, forest area, dry riverbed, chicken coop, and most recently the addition of a goat enclosure, which Jammie and Dodger moved into in June. The goats’ names were decided after an online poll with staff and pupils.

The goats spend most of their time in the garden, but also regularly come out on their leads to take part in a daily mile walk with the children.

This walk designed to provide an additional opportunity for activity and fitness for the children, but the goats can be quite distracted by the hedge which runs along the side of the playground.

Dodger and Jammie spend most of their time in the school’s Mystical Garden.

Children walking with Jammie the goat.

The goats and the pupils love spending time together.

All pupils access the garden at least once a week and the area is used to support all areas of the curriculum. This was developed through their involvement in the International School’s project.

This enabled seven teachers to visit schools in Sweden and two are now completing their Forest School training so St Michael’s can become an official Forest School.

Dodger is one of two pygmy goats at Coningsby St Michael’s Church of England Primary School.

The Mystical Garden.

Mrs Hutchinson, who is the Head of School, said: “We have an amazing team of staff, led by Mrs Eve Gates, who take responsibility for Jammie and Dodger. They come into school in the evenings, weekends and school holidays to feed and water them and make sure they are well cared for.

“During this time, when the Mystical Garden is empty, Jammie and Dodger are allowed to run free and the love using all the space in the Mystical Garden.

“We believe outdoor learning is extremely positive for pupil well-being, pupil engagement and for offering a rich, broad and diverse educational experience and Jammie and Dodger have certainly added to our outdoor learning enjoyment in recent weeks.”

Update: Police confirm William Gilmour-Davis has been found.

A 32-year old man has gone missing from the Coningsby area, with police appealing to anyone who has seen him.

William Gilmour-Davis has been described as slim, 5ft 10ins tall, with dark brown hair and a full beard.

He was believed to be last seen wearing a blue T-shirt and yellow chinos.

Anyone who has seen William or has information on his whereabouts is being encouraged to call 101, quoting incident 171 of May 26.

Thieves allegedly stole soap and toilet paper from the public toilets in a Lincolnshire village as national and local supplies continue to be swallowed up by coronavirus-induced panic buying.

Some people seem to be going to extreme lengths by swiping essential items from the council’s public toilets in Coningsby, which are located at Castle Lane Car Park.

However, the exact date and time of the offence was not specified by the council.

East Lindsey District Council was furious that thieves struck the toilets again and took to social media to vent its frustration. The council warned that without these supplies they won’t be able to keep the public toilets open.

The council said: “Thieves have struck our toilets again! Soap and toilet paper have been taken from the toilets in Coningsby.

“We’re aware that shops might be running short at the moment but without these supplies we won’t be able to open our toilets.”

It is not just the council who are worried as Lincoln County Hospital recently started to ration its supply of alcohol gel over theft fears.

Supermarkets in Lincolnshire started rationing supplies this month, including hand sanitiser, toilet roll and other essentials. Co-op and Lincolnshire Co-op stores are also now rationing certain products, while the government’s advice for the public to not panic buy appears to be falling on deaf ears.

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