Red Arrows

The Red Arrows returned to training this month for the forthcoming season and have been practicing a potential new manoeuvre at their current home at RAF Scampton.

The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team released a video this week showing the manoeuvre, which involves Reds 6 and 7, Squadron Leaders Jon Bond and Gregor Ogston respectively.

The duo, known as the Synchro Pair, are developing the new — yet to be named — manoeuvre, which involves a precision, close-pass before rolling upside and then pitching upwards and looping.

The Synchro Pair perform many of the team’s most dynamic manoeuvres. This includes well-known elements in the second half of a Red Arrows display such as the Heart and Spear.

The Red Arrows returned from the Christmas/New Year pause to resume training on January 4.

Regular flying is essential for all of the Red Arrows’ pilots to maintain their highly-specialised competencies and qualifications.

See more of the training gallery below:

The Reds in full flow. | Photo: Corporal Adam Fletcher, MoD/Crown Copyright 2021

The Synchro Pair have been busy perfecting the move. | Photo: Corporal Adam Fletcher, MoD/Crown Copyright 2021

Captured in formation during the Red Arrows’ training. | Photo: Corporal Adam Fletcher, MoD/Crown Copyright 2021

Leaving their mark. | Photo: Corporal Adam Fletcher, MoD/Crown Copyright 2021

The training was a success. | Photo: Corporal Adam Fletcher, MoD/Crown Copyright 2021

The familiar sight never gets any less fascinating. | Photo: Corporal Adam Fletcher, MoD/Crown Copyright 2021

A temporary test move of the Red Arrows from RAF Scampton to their new home at RAF Waddington has been postponed until next year due to bad weather.

The Reds had initially planned to set up base at Waddington between December 7 and 11 as part of a testing phase to see how it operates.

RAF Waddington will be the new permanent home for the Red Arrows once their current base, RAF Scampton, closes.

A spokesperson for the Red Arrows said that the temporary move has been postponed until 2021, after bad weather meant there was no longer time to conduct the trial.

The Reds also have an ongoing need to maintain operations by other fleets at the station, which made the move to Waddington impossible this month.

An artist with a big passion for the Red Arrows has created pop-art inspired landscapes and seascapes including the Royal Air Force’s aerobatic display team.

Samuel Thomas, who is originally from Cromer and now lives in Norfolk, introduced the Red Arrows to his artwork over 10 years ago.

He first saw the Red Arrows at an annual carnival in his hometown when he was a young boy, which he said inspired a “sense of freedom and awe”.

The 33-year-old finds pleasure and escape through landscapes and the seaside, featuring the Red Arrows in paintings in Cromer, Bournemouth and Clacton-on-Sea.

The Red Arrows are currently based at RAF Scampton and will move to RAF Waddington by 2022, but perform fly-pasts across the country and beyond, which Samuel loves to watch.

Samuel Thomas, 33, has been painting Red Arrows since he was 21.

The Happiest Valley. | Photo: Samuel Thomas Art

‘Soaring Red Arrows’. | Photo: Samuel Thomas Art

Although his artwork varies, there is a main theme that runs through all his pieces of an optimistic vision of how we want our lives to be. The Red Arrows images are available as Limited Edition signed prints starting at £110.

Sam hopes to travel to Lincoln and Lincolnshire in the future and once the coronavirus pandemic is over, and people can send him photos they’ve taken and commission him to do artwork – see more information and purchase artwork here or send enquiries to [email protected].

‘Two Hearts – Two Minds’. | Photo: Samuel Thomas Art

‘Hand in Hand’. | Photo: Samuel Thomas Art

Artist Samuel Thomas has a huge passion for the Red Arrows.

Sam told The Lincolnite: “The Red Arrows’ acrobatic displays in the sky are quite surreal and it captures the imagination. They make what seems impossible become possible.

“The art is normally based on photographs that I’ve taken and then I play around with things in my sketchbook. People will often approach me with photos they’ve taken and commission me to do artwork.

“In the future Lincolnshire landscapes is something I want to introduce and Lincoln is on my list (of places to visit).”

‘In Formation’. | Photo: Samuel Thomas Art

‘Red Arrows Circle Cromer’. | Photo: Samuel Thomas Art

The coronavirus pandemic has affected Samuel after physical exhibitions and social events were cancelled, but he has tried to positively adapt to it in his work.

He added: “Having lockdown and more time on my hands encouraged me to think about the bigger picture and how artwork can help people persevere with the future, including sharing the wider story behind each painting.

“My paintings capture aspirational projections of the self into a better future to encourage us to keep persevering in our lives. I hope it inspires people to feel better and see the light at the end of the tunnel. The Red Arrows are a symbol of this philosophy.”

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