December 20, 2010 5.40 pm This story is over 160 months old

Most Lincolnites don’t do sports

Not sporty: In the past four years Lincoln saw only a slight increase in sports participation among adults.

More than three quarters of people in Lincoln don’t practice sports at least three times a week, according to the latest Active People Survey.

Lincoln only saw a 1.3% rise in people taking part in sport in the last four years.

The survey measured the number of over 16’s who take part in sport and physical activity three times a week or more.

In 2005 to 2006, Lincoln had 21.2% of adults participating in a sport, and ranked 142nd out 237 districts in England. The new figure is 22.5%, ranking the city 132nd.

North Kesteven is the best ranking in the county, placed 26th out of 237. Also, Boston increased participation by 7.3% this year, the highest in the county.

However, even with just a 1.3% increase, the result makes Lincolnshire the second highest performing county in the East Midlands.

Chief Executive of Lincolnshire Sports Partnership Janet Inman said: “The results for Lincolnshire have been amazing, and Lincoln has played a large part in this.

“Although their increase is not classed as a ‘significant increase’ by Sport England, it has certainly contributed to the ‘significant increase’ in Lincolnshire.

“My congratulations goes out to all those helping to develop and deliver sport across the county; the districts, community clubs and volunteers, and the individuals who are taking part in a wide range of activities and sports across Lincolnshire.”

With help from local councils, partnerships, clubs, schools and coaches, Lincolnshire Sports Partnership worked to increase participation in Lincolnshire.

Over £150,000 has been invested into schemes like Exercise Referral, Fit Kids, Health Walks, the Inclusive Fitness Initiative and Free Swimming.

Projects include Sport Unlimited, which invested over £15,000 in clubs and schemes to encourage pick up. 591 participants took part from that project alone.

Source: Lincolnshire Sports Partnership | Photo: Luis Markovic