March 9, 2011 4.09 pm This story is over 152 months old

New life for old trolley shelters

Great graffiti: Local residents helped with the erection of new cycle racks built out of Sainsbury’s old trolley shelters.

When Moorland Community Centre went on the hunt for new cycle storage units, specialist contractors Dudley’s came up with a quirky twist.

Dudley’s have just finished the new Sainsbury’s store in Lincoln and offered to help out in the local Moorland area.

Moorland Community Centre approached them to create cycle racks for the local residents (particularly children) which was secure.

The firm recycled old trolley shelters from Sainsbury’s and cleaned and repainted them. However, to make them stand out, Dudley’s invited local youngsters to decorate.

The locals have decorated the racks in colourful and artistic graffiti, which took two days to complete.

Rachel Taylor from Neighbourhood Working Lincoln South said: “Moorland Community Centre has been looking for suitable cycle storage for some time.

“Therefore we are extremely grateful to Dudley’s for supplying the trolley bays which now not only provide safe bicycle storage for the local residents, but have provided the opportunity for the community to come together to produce this an iconic local landmark.”

Key Account Manager for Dudley’s Simon Johnson said: “When completing extensive works in a particular area, such as the extension and refurbishment of the Lincoln Store, we are always looking for ways to support the local community.

“We are pleased to have been able to directly address the needs of Moorland Community Centre and hope local children will benefit from their new and uniquely decorated cycle bays.”

Source: Petersens