May 29, 2012 9.00 am This story is over 112 months old

Top 5 torture instruments at The Collection

Terrible tortures: The Lincolnite checked out the gruesome torture instruments on show at The Collection.

The Collection unveiled its new exhibition of Medieval torture instruments, and The Lincolnite went for a tour to pick the top five pieces to check out. The exhibition is on until October 2 and admission starts at £3.

The Masks of Infamy

Though it’s not entirely sure what crime these instruments were used for, it’s thought it was to do with women dressing inappropriately for the time. Each mask is unique to the craftsman and would be worn in public to humiliate the wearer.

Putting on scales

This device tested convicts for their connections with Satan. If they were found to be lighter than they appeared, they would be subject to further torture. This was mostly common in Belgium and the Netherlands but could be found all over Europe.

Frocks of Penance

These garments were used for minor offences, like arguing in the streets. The wearers would be either forced to go on a pilgrimage or attend a formal event of some kind. Depending on the severity of the crime, the clothing would be accompanied by Rosaries made of iron and stone.

The Virgin of Nuremberg

Torture in Germany tended to be mechanical. This ‘sarcophagus’ exterior took on the appearance of a Bavarian girl. Inside the casing are spikes which were specially placed to avoid any fatal wounds but to put anyone trapped inside through serious pain.

The Axe

Off with their heads! This is thought to be the oldest form of torture known to man. It was usually reserved for noble blood because of the quick nature. The “common people” would be subjected to methods which would bring out a longer painful death. It’s thought the evolution of this torture method began with a sword, then the axe, and finished with the guillotine.

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