In pictures: A new kind of circus is born in Lincoln

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Theatrical performers Vagabond’s Hat put on a preview of their upcoming show Kinesonic at Lincoln Drill Hall on Thursday, as laser harps found their way into a circus performance set in a parallel steampunk universe.

Circus performer August Dakteris, the director of the production, explained: “The show’s basically set in a parallel steampunk-like universe and we go through a day in the lives of a group of workers’ normal day of work. They’ve been there hundreds of thousands of years, doing the same thing and they’ve slightly lost their minds — that’s why the world around them is so surreal and twisted.”

“We’re trained circus performers, so we’re trained to assess risks; we’re theatre performers, there are certain things you wouldn’t ask actors to do in this environment. We train to make things safe, we know the risks.”

The show is roughly half an hour long and is in the early development stages with more showings at Lincoln Drill Hall to come.

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