April 8, 2013 10.52 am This story is over 133 months old

Support for Lincoln tank replica project grows

Tanked up: Support has been steadily coming in for the potential Tritton Road tank memorial, with even an ale in the works.

Support is growing for the group who plan to build a memorial to the first tank ever built in Lincoln.

According to the Lincoln Tank Memorial Group, the initiative managed to raise £7,000 out of its £20-25,000 goal.

The first tank was constructed in the city during WW1, and took only 37 days to build. It was constructed by Sir William Ashbee Tritton in the South of Lincoln, which is better known now as Tritton Road.

Others who were involved in its creation included engineer William Rigby and Lieutenant Walter Wilson.

Presently, the tank can be seen at the Museum of Lincolnshire life on Burton Road.

However, as previously reported, the Lincoln Tank Memorial Group want to place a replica on the Tritton Road roundabout in 2014, to commemorate the end of the First World War.

Tank memorial committee member Julie Cooke mentioned that funds have been climbing at a good pace recently.

“We have received two further donations; we have also had an enquiry from a multi national organisation who may be interested in donating.

“It’s too early to say yet though, and I obviously don’t want to disclose any further information in case it puts them off!

“We have also had an offer to help with the ground works for the project.”

The memorial group also have plans in place with Micro Brewery Pheasantry Brewery of East Markham in Nottinghamshire to brew special Tank ale.

Mark Easterbrook from the brewery explained how the idea came together.

He said: “[The group] contacted the brewery asking me if it was possible to brew a special kind of beer. It’s a different way of promoting the cause.

“Currently I haven’t designed the beer, but I’m going to probably do some investigations into the ales they had back then and design it similar to that.”

If you wish to donate, contact Julie on [email protected].