Police clamp down on illegal raves in Lincolnshire

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Lincolnshire Police are taking a tough stance on raves within the county after stopping one party and trying to stop a future event.

One such incident happened on June 15 to 16, in Bourne Woods at Hanthorpe, in south Lincolnshire.

Police received intelligence that a number of cars were spotted travelling to the area from Norfolk.

These vehicles were intercepted and turned away, but the 35 police officers were sent to stop the rave in the woods, attended by around 250 people.

After failed negotiations, officers with dog units advanced to disperse the group, moving them away from the speakers.

Two people were arrested on suspicion of possession of illegal drugs with intent to supply. Another two people were bitten by police dogs, but their injuries were not serious.

Police are now also looking at tackling another rave in the south of the county after recieving more intelligence about the plans.

Ch Insp Mark Housley said: “We hope this sends a very clear message to those thinking about holding illegal raves in Lincolnshire.

“Where possible and appropriate, we will take tough police action to prevent and disrupt such events, particularly when they are having a negative impact on our communities.

“We are working with partners and legal advisors to identify methods by which the police and landowners might seek civil recovery of costs of policing and cleaning up after illegal raves from those who organise such events.

“The key to this is around prevention and communities telling us when they’ve found something on a site that indicates a rave is on its way.

“They travel from all over the country to come to a rave in Lincolnshire. There can be up to 500 people and they can cause a nuisance, damage crops and leave a mess behind them.

“They are not pleasant and we don’t want them.

“We need to do everything we can to stop them and there are many ways in which the public and particularly landowners can assist us.

“Check gates are secure and locked to deter access to your land and secure outbuildings which could be potential venues.

“If you witness numbers of people gathering and you fear it might be a rave, call us at the earliest opportunity.”

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