June 14, 2014 5.25 pm This story is over 115 months old

Lincoln strongman deadlifts car for charity

Doorman deadlift: A Lincoln club doorman and strongman deadlifted a car to raise money for a cancer charity close to his heart.

A well-known Lincoln strongman has deadlifted a car to raise money for a local charity close to his heart.

The 3pm event on June 14 attracted a small crowd at St Marks Square in Lincoln.

Lincoln doorman Dave Johnson deadlifted an Audi A4, weighing just under two tonnes, repeatedly for 90 seconds in memory of Lincoln boy Ethan Maul and his charity, “Up Yours to Cancer” Foundation.

He managed 14 reps within the time frame, although a pause was taken due to one of his hand bar support straps snapping under the weight.

The Audi was provided by the car dealership on Doddington Road, which had its back wheel attached to a frame for David to lift.

David has so far raised £400 for the charity though the event, using his Just Giving page and collection boxes.

A deadlift is an exercise in which a weight — usually placed on a barbell bar — is lift from the ground to the hips by squatting, and placed down again.

David regularly hosts strength-based events to raise money for his chosen charity, which supports poorly children and their families while undergoing treatment for cancer.

He recently organised a Lincoln’s Strongest Deadlift event which raised almost £2,850 for the foundation, and regally pulled a fire truck through St Marks.

Ethan Maul (10) passed away on May 5, 2014 after losing his battle against cancer.

After his attempt, Dave said: “I don’t feel very good right now, I’ve felt better! But I’m ok.

“The strap broke halfway due to just too much weight on it I suppose, it just gave way.

“To be honest I expected to do more reps, but I’ll probably come back and do it again next year, and do something else.

“I’m planning on another event later this year but I don’t know what yet — I just need to think of something else to raise money!”