Lincoln job seekers decrease by 35% in one year

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There are 35% less people in Lincoln claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance than one year ago, according to recent data compiled by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Labour market statistics collected for the three months up to June 2014 and the Claimant Count figures for July 2014 were published on August 13.

At the time of the claimant count by unitary and local authority on July 10, 2014 there were 2,216 people claiming Jobseekers Allowance in Lincoln – a decrease of 780 people compared with the year previous.

The data was based on the population of claimants aged between 16 and 64. Some 1,478 (66.7%) of those claiming were men and 738 were women.

Nationally, the unemployment rate continued to fall, reaching 6.4% for April to June 2014, the lowest since late 2008.

Some 8.86 million people aged 16-64 were out of work and not seeking or available to work too. This was 15,000 more than for January to March 2014, but 130,000 fewer than a year earlier.

Data: ONS

Data: ONS

Lincoln’s MP Karl McCartney, who was elected in 2010, said: “Since 2010 there are 788 fewer people relying on Jobseeker’s Allowance in Lincoln. That means many more local people with a better and brighter future ahead of them and their families.

“We’ve been backing businesses in Lincoln to create more jobs as part of the Conservatives’ long-term economic plan.

“As these figures show that plan is working. We need to stick to it. It’s the only way to keep the economy growing, and keep businesses creating jobs, so that we keep moving towards our target for full employment, and more families in Lincoln have the security of a real job and a regular pay packet.”

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