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Shocking dash cam videos shame reckless Lincoln drivers

Shameful: Check out the shocking dashcam videos taken of Lincoln’s worst road users.

It’s no wonder Lincolnshire roads are often blighted by shunts and collisions, if shocking manoeuvres captured on residents’ dash cams are anything to go by.

Dangerous undertakes, red light dashes and roundabout blunders were all caught on camera by motorists in and around Lincoln.

Dramatic videos shared with The Lincolnite and through social media are shaming the city’s worst road users, and not all are motorists.

Some road users got in touch with their frightening experiences on the city’s highways.

Comment shared with The Lincolnite.

Comment shared with The Lincolnite.

Comment shared with The Lincolnite.

Comment shared with The Lincolnite.

Last month, the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership issued a stark warning to careless motorists after recording the worst two months for road deaths in a decade.

Some 14 people have lost their lives on roads in the county since the beginning of 2016, and although no one common cause links the collisions, drivers are being reminded to avoid risky decisions and not to push the boundaries.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership spokesperson John Siddle said: “Keep a good distance from the car in front, give yourself time to react.

“This over-confidence and feeling that you’re the best driver in the world can be very dangerous and we work with people aged between 17 and 24 on an initiative called ‘2Fast2Soon’, which has overseen a 70% reduction in casualties in a 10-year period.

“And of course at the other end of the spectrum are older drivers who are more vulnerable and have possibly lost confidence which is also dangerous.

“We work endlessly with these drivers as well to restore their confidence.”

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