Full list of candidates for City of Lincoln Council elections

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Candidates standing for City of Lincoln Council elections have been announced.

Following recent boundary changes to wards, all 33 seats on the City of Lincoln Council will be subject to election on May 5, 2016.

Those eligible to vote in the elections will have the opportunity to vote for up to three candidates for the three councillor positions in their ward.

You can look up your polling station online by clicking here.

Any person who is unable to vote at their polling station can apply for either a postal or proxy vote. Applications must be submitted as follows:

  • Postal Vote – By 5pm on April 19
  • Proxy Vote – By 5pm April 26

The local elections will take place on the same day as elections for the position of Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner, for which there are four candidates.

Applications to register to vote must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at the City of Lincoln Council, City Hall, Beaumont Fee, Lincoln, LN1 1DB by 12 midnight on Monday, April 18.

Applications can be made online here. 

City of Lincoln Council leader Ric Metcalfe and deputy leader Donald Nannestad are among the 33 Labour candidates standing.

The 33 Conservatives nominated include current Mayor of Lincoln Andy Kerry and Chief Executive of Lincolnshire YMCA Malcolm Barham.

Candidates for the 2015 general election Nick Smith (UKIP) and Ross Pepper (Liberal Democrats) will this time be fighting for a space in City Hall.

The Green Party and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is also fielding a number of candidates.

Below is a full list of all the candidates standing.


Jamie Bartch – Conservative

Andrew Bradley – Conservative

Norman Haigh – Green

Adam Holman – Green

Jackie Kirk – Labour

Stephen Lonsdale – Liberal Democrats

Keri Lowe – TUSC

Fiona McKenna – Green

Peter McNeill – Conservative

Ric Metcalfe – Labour

Patrick Vaughan – Labour


Rod Archer – Conservative

Malcolm Barham – Conservative

Jim Hanrahan – Labour

Donald Nannestad – Labour

Daphne Shaw – Liberal Democrats

David Warde – UKIP

Loraine Woolley – Labour

David Wright – Conservative


Graham Bratby – Conservative

Kathleen Brothwell – Labour

Michael Brown – Liberal Democrats

Chris Butler – UKIP

Douglas Collison – Conservative

Gavyn Graham – TUSC

Jac Green – TUSC

Caleb Harris – Conservative

Nick Parker – TUSC

Clare Smalley – Liberal Democrats

Fay Smith – Labour

Peter West – Labour

Kenneth Yates – Green


Matthew Fido – Conservative

Karen Lee – Labour

Benjamin Loryman – Green

Neil Murray – Labour

Christopher Padley – Green

Katya Roures Salvador – Conservative

Charles Shaw – Liberal Democrats

David Smith – Conservative

Tony Speakman – Labour

Nicola Watson – Green


Roly Bunce – UKIP

Chris Burke – Labour

Sue Burke – Labour

Richard Butroid – Conservative

Natasha Chapman – Liberal Democrats

Lauren Finka – Green

Sally Horscroft – Green

Janusz Kala – Conservative

Helena Mair – Labour

Sean Oxspring – Liberal Democrats

Aarron Smith – Liberal Democrats

Liam Sperrin – Conservative

Allegra Wild – Green


Alan Briggs – Conservative

Gill Clayton-Hewson – Labour

Heather Cullen – Liberal Democrats

Ryan Cullen – Liberal Democrats

Roger Hansard – Conservative

Gary Hewson – Labour

Hannah Smith – UKIP

Ralph Toofany – Labour

Caroline Wilson – Conservative


Bob Bushell – Labour

Geoff Ellis – Labour

Kevin Harrington – UKIP

David Kerry – Conservative

Sharon Longthorne – Conservative

Adrianna McNulty – Labour

Vasos Melides – Conservative

Lynn Pepper – Liberal Democrats

Ross Pepper – Liberal Democrats


Funmi Adeyemi – Labour

Elizabeth Bathory-Porther – Green

Bill Bilton – Labour

Andrew Byrne – Liberal Democrats

Thomas Dyer – Conservative

Jane Loffhagen – Labour

Tim Richens – UKIP

Barry Stonham – UKIP

Keith Weaver – Conservative

Matthew Wilson – Conservative


Yvonne Bodger – Conservative

Dave Callow – Labour

James Easter – Liberal Democrats

Tony Higgs – Conservative

Liz Maxwell – Labour

Nicole Pouncey – Liberal Democrats

Christopher Reid – Conservative

Naomi Tweddle – Labour


Biff Bean – Labour

Adelle Ellis – Labour

David Gaskell – Liberal Democrats

Ron Hills – Conservative

Mervyn Hobden – Liberal Democrats

Andy Kerry – Conservative

Liz Massey – Labour

Jeff McGeachie – UKIP

Angela Porter – Green

Marika Riddick – Conservative

Nick Smith – UKIP

Nicola Smith – UKIP

Peaceful Warrior – Green


Morgan Aran – Liberal Democrats

Jenine Butroid – Conservative

David Denman – Conservative

Paul Gowen – Labour and Co-operative

Anthony Gray – Labour and Co-operative

Rosanne Kirk – Labour and Co-operative

John Radford – Green

Eddie Strengiel – Conservative

Elaine Warde – UKIP

Tony Wells – UKIP

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