Royal Marine describes how he helped deliver his son in Lincoln village car park

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A Royal Marines Sergeant and firefighter took on an unexpected new role as a midwife by delivering his own son in a Lincoln village carpark.

Matt Harness, full-time firefighter and spare time Commando, and his partner Kaylee were expecting a normal birth.

Kaylee’s contractions had started and the couple had ample time to make it to the labour ward at Lincoln County Hospital. However, after a midwife’s examination, it was decided that the baby’s birth was not due soon, after all, the couples first child was born after 28-hours of labour.

The couple headed home, 16 miles away, and within minutes of arriving home Kaylee’s waters broke.

The duo rushed into the car and headed straight back to the hospital, but before long they realised that the baby was going to arrive before they got to the hospital.

Only four miles away from the hospital, Matt pulled into the car park of the Waggon and Horses public house in Branston.

An ambulance was called and the couple prepared to take Kaylee into the pub lounge.

20160614 Marine delivers Certif

His birth certificate will certainly be a conversation starter. Photo: Royal Marines

Matt described how events unfurled: “Before we had chance to do this, Kaylee screamed ‘He’s coming now!’

“I got myself quickly round to her side of the car, and sure enough there was a baby’s head!

“At this point there’s no time for worry, panic or anything else, time to switch on and do what you can.

“In I went, taking hold of baby’s head, when all of a sudden another contraction, and the rest of the baby came out in one go.

I’m no natural with a rugby ball, but on this occasion I’m pleased to say I held on!

Matt explained the ambulance arrived shortly after and Kaylee and newly born Spencer sped off to hospital, with a shocked Matt following behind.

Matt has completed tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and has trained across the world, and says that none of these experiences compare with the birth of his fourth child.

“A few weeks later and I’m happy to say that Spencer and Kaylee are both doing well,” said Matt to the Royal Navy.

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