Bullies egg Lincoln Pokémon hunters for second time in a week

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Anti-social louts have attempted to egg Pokémon hunters on the Brayford for the second time in less than a week.

As previously reported, Pokémon Go gamers were forced to flee from the Brayford after an attack on the evening of August 3.

This time, the bullies attempted to egg a group of Pokémon hunters outside the Odeon cinema and Thai Marina restaurant two nights later on August 5.

Photos: Visit Lincoln

Photos: Visit Lincoln

Jordan Bird took to the Pokémon Go, Lincoln Facebook page to express his frustration.

He said: “Some people just tried to egg us and missed, walking by the Thai place near the back of Odeon.

“Looked like a black Volkswagen, maybe a Golf. Didn’t catch a plate though.”

Photo: The Lincolnite

Photo: The Lincolnite

His post generated more angry responses from fellow gamers, who were quick to condemn the actions of the eggers.

Gabriel Clarkson said: “Do these people really have nothing more productive to do with their lives? Pathetic.”

A forthright Gary Hinson added: “I get called sad and childish for playing the game. I’m sorry but I don’t ask or tell anyone else to play it.

It’s my choice – we’re not hurting anyone playing it. The people who throw the eggs are the childish ones.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police said: “We are disappointed to hear of this anti-social behaviour and would encourage anyone who is the victim of a similar attack or witnesses one, to contact us on 101.”

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