Lincoln concert to aid healthcare in Syria conflict

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A concert is to be held in Lincoln to raise money for aid workers in war-torn Syria, a month after distressing images of a young boy sitting bloodied and startled in the back of an ambulance in Aleppo shocked the world.

Lincoln STILL Hears Syria will be hosted by a variety of Lincoln and Lincolnshire musicians after the success of an event earlier this year which raised over £600 for UNICEF.

Money raised at the upcoming performance on Saturday, September 24 will go towards Medecins sans Frontieres, a network of volunteers offering aid to victims of armed conflict.

The concert will take place at St Mary Le Wigford Church on St Mary’s Street from 7pm.

It will feature a wide range of performers including members of Lincoln Concert Orchestra, Heather Benson, Musick Rediscover’d, Jessica Hocking, Frances Kelly & Liz McIntosh, Quintin Doyle, Jonathan Rider & James Fox, Hannah Borrill, Zia Roberts & Crauford Thompson, and Olivia Steadman.

Local composer Robert Steadman.

Local composer Robert Steadman.

Local composer Robert Steadman is organising the concert. He said: “I know there are some people who will say that charity begins at home and that there are people in this country that need help.

“I agree that there are bad situations everywhere, but to me the plight of those in Syria, the plight of innocent men, women and children is just so awful that I, as a human being, cannot sit back and do nothing.

“And yes, a concert in Lincoln might not solve much but when fellow human beings have lost everything and are dying in their tens of thousands through injuries, illness and starvation, surely we must stand up and be counted?”

Admission to the concert is free, but there will be a retiring collection. Anyone unable to attend who would like to donate is encouraged to use the dedicated fundraising page here.