Wow! Local photographer captures amazing footage of starlings in formation

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A local photographer has captured some amazing footage of a murmuration of starlings at Whisby Nature Park near Lincoln.

The footage, posted on local man Neil Armstrong’s photography page: ‘The Fotografella’ shows hundreds of starlings in flight, seemlessly gliding through the air.

Check out this amazing video:

Starlings group together in order to stay safe. In doing so predators, such as peregrine falcons, find it difficult to target a single bird.

They often gather over their roosting site and perform these aerial stunts before they roost, helping them to keep warm at night.

Neil Armstrong said:

“After a recent visit to Whisby Nature Park near Lincoln, I captured this magnificent sight of a murmuration of starlings.

“They were silent in flight, only the sound of thousands of wings could be heard as they twisted and turned, in preparation for roosting.

“But once on the ground, they noisily chatted to each other in the reed beds.”

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