Lincoln group aged 17 to 74 to take part in charity skydive in mum’s memory

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A group of Lincoln friends and family spanning three generations will take part in a charity skydive in memory of local woman Pauline Stringer.

Pauline passed away in 2012 as a result of the rare brain illness, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP).

The skydive is being organised by Pauline’s daughter Jo with the goal of raising money for charity, as well as increasing awareness of the illness.

Also taking part are friends and family and colleagues from Hunter Global Recruitment.  The youngest to part is Harry McCarthy, 17, and the oldest  is Jo’s dad Geoff Dean, 74.

Jo’s mother Pauline Stringer

PSP is a Parkinson’s-like neurological condition, and often gets misdiagnosed as so by medical professionals as a result of their similar characteristics.

PSP remains relatively unknown, with only 4,000 people in the UK known to have the disease at any one time.

Rapid deterioration of health is often an issue for those who have PSP.

Pauline’s odd behaviours raised concerns from her family members as she lost her ability to write, began slurring her words and leant to one side when she sat down. After witnessing this Pauline’s family decided to see a doctor which revealed her condition.

Just six months following Pauline’s diagnosis she was admitted to a nursing home as she struggled to support herself. PSP led to the rapid deterioration of Pauline’s health which meant she sadly died 18 months after the discovery of her illness. She was 68.

According to friends, Jo was hesitant to do a skydive due to her fear of heights but once she found she had the support of her family she was more than willing.

Other members of the family have been ecstatic to take part in the skydive with Jo’s father, Geoff Dean, losing three stone so he can participate in the jump.

Geoff Dean showing he supports PSPA

Jo and her family have currently raised £3,580 with the goal set at £5,000 and will take place on the September 2.

All proceeds will go to the Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Association. Make a donation here.

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