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Teen who ‘fell out’ with drugs gang was kidnapped, stabbed in the buttock and slashed across face

He was tricked into meeting up with a girl who contacted him on Facebook.

A 17-year-old who went into hiding after falling out with a drugs gang was lured out by a “honey trap” then kidnapped, stabbed and savagely beaten, a jury heard.

The boy had gone to stay in Grantham in a bid to stay clear of the Peterborough-based gang.

But he was tracked down and tricked into meeting up with a girl who contacted him on Facebook claiming to be interested in him.

Gordon Aspden, prosecuting, told a jury at Lincoln Crown Court that the victim had a troubled background and was involved with drugs while still at school.

“By mid 2016 he was mixing with an assortment of drug dealers, thieves and n’er do wells all of whom were involved in serious crime.

“His daily routine was dominated by drugs. His lifestyle was unstable and chaotic.

Mr Aspden said that at the start of September last year the 17-year-old became involved in a dispute with some of his kidnappers and went into hiding but was tracked down by the men.

“They set up what is referred to as a honey trap.

“The boy was sent a bogus friend request on Facebook which purported to come from a young woman called Tracey Ann who lived in Grantham.

“There was no Tracey Ann. That request had been sent to lure him out into the open.”

Mr Aspden said the boy was suspicious at first but agreed to meet.

Initially he sent his mate who met up with Danielle Corrigan, who purported to be Tracey Ann, and her friend Hayleigh Elstone.

Within an hour both boys went to the Co-op store in Dysart Road, Grantham, to meet the women but as they approached realised they had been set up and ran.

They were pursued by a number of men and the 17-year-old was caught.

He was kicked, punched and stabbed and then bundled into the back of a car where he was handcuffed and had leg cuffs placed around his ankles.

The assault continued on the journey to Peterborough and then while held at a flat in the city he was further assaulted and threatened with being tortured.

Mr Aspden said: “He was subjected to gratuitous violence. It culminated in a brutal assault during which he was slashed across the face with a knife.”

The boy was later taken to another safe house and his aunt was contacted with a demand that a £5,000 ransom to be paid for his release.

No ransom was paid and the boy was eventually freed from a third address in Peterborough.

He subsequently needed 20 stitches in his face and suffered numerous cuts and bruises as well as a stab wound to his right buttock.

Four men from the Peterborough area admitted conspiracy to kidnap between September 11 and 21, 2016.

They are Kane Stone, 25, of Meadenvale Road, Parnwell; Adam Couzens, 25, of Bozeat Way, Westwood; Delano McKinsley, 22, of Mountsteven Avenue, Walton; and Mohammed Nazir, 26, of Gladstone Street, Millfield.

Stone and Couzens also admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Alan Stokes, 35, of Bader Close, Peterborough, admitted conspiracy to falsely imprison.

Danielle Corrigan, 27, of Cumberland House, St Mary’s Court, Peterborough, denied conspiracy to kidnap but was this afternoon found guilty following a trial.

All six defendants will be sentenced at a later date.

Taxi driver Umar Rehman, 23, of Parliament Street, Millfield; and Hayleigh Elstone, 22, of Croyland Road, Walton; each denied conspiracy to kidnap and were today cleared by the jury.

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