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Lincolnshire Reporter columnists share their New Year’s resolutions for 2018

New Year’s resolutions from some of our columnists.

Some of Lincolnshire’s most influential public figures have been sharing their New Year’s resolutions for 2018 with us.

Our columnists have been busy reflecting on a hectic and memorable 2017, while looking forward to what will take place this year.

Take a look at their New Year’s resolutions below.

Martin Hill

Lincolnshire County Council leader Martin Hill with his dog Boris

On a local level, as I have already mentioned, I am really hopeful that our Fairer Funding campaign will reap benefits for Lincolnshire.

On a national and international level, we all recognise that the Brexit negotiations have been tricky. But this makes it all the more important that our government sticks to its principles and continues to work hard to deliver the best outcome for all of us.

With that optimistic note, I would like to wish Happy New Year to all Lincolnshire Reporter readers!

Nick Boles

Nick Boles, Conservative MP for Grantham and Stamford. Photo: Policy Exchange

Personal: To get fitter than I was before I became ill.

Professional: To do everything in my power to get more new homes built so that young people have the same chance previous generations had to get a home of their own.

Sir Edward Leigh

Gainsborough MP Sir Edward Leigh

In 2018 I will continue to do my best for local residents, campaigning on local issues and fighting for our corner of Lincolnshire in Westminster.

I know that keeping up pressure to make sure that we get broadband properly rolled out to rural areas will continue next year, as to will my efforts to fight the closure of local facilities like bank branches.

John Brewin

Chief Executive of LPFT John Brewin. Photo: Steve Smailes for Lincolnshire Reporter

Personal: I’d also like to find time to be mindful and help me look after my own mental health.

Professional: I’d like to ensure patients and public have a greater voice in improving services.

Andrew Morgan

Andrew Morgan, chief executive of Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust

Personal: To continue exploring the county of Lincolnshire, having moved here in 2015.

Professional: To continue to support staff in ensuring their feedback directly shapes the future development of excellent community services.

Matthew Lee

South Kesteven District Council leader Matthew Lee

A key resolution for 2018 is to get out and about more – both professionally and personally. There are still corners of our lovely district that I have yet to explore and lots that are always worth another visit.

Similarly, as the leader of the council, I really value seeing the excellent work going on in our communities, whether it’s meeting volunteers, start-ups or established companies.

My final resolution is one I know I share with many, many people – to stop smoking. I’ve tried before, but I’m determined that this is the year. Wish me luck!

Richard Wright

North Kesteven District Council leader Richard Wright. Photo: Steve Smailes/Lincolnshire Reporter

Personal: Never look back, only forwards. The future is there for us to shape and I want to work with anybody and everybody to shape a better future.

Professional: To pursue central government to deliver policies that help local government to deliver results for the betterment of all out residents. Alongside, ever increasingly-influential senior NKDC officers, I will work to deliver any and every improvement in services and provision for North Kesteven residents.

Jeff Summers

West Lindsey District Council leader Jeff Summers

Personal: I will eat less, exercise more, become fitter and leaner in an attempt to keep up with my wife! Spend more time revelling in our beautiful countryside bird watching, walking, cycling and visiting new places. Whilst enjoying all above I will pursue a dynamic agenda of business for the council.

Professional: We will continue to provide the best services across the council that our budgeted resources are capable of delivering while ensuring we fully address the physical and social needs of all residents. We will continue to enhance the physical, financial and social benefits for all constantly pushing for improvements in health, education and work opportunities.

Nikki Silver

Nikki Silver, CEO of LIVES

Personal: To run the Lincoln 10k with my amazing LIVES team without stopping and to survive the installation of a new kitchen at home with a smile on my face and sense of humour intact.

Professional: To continue to bang the drum loudly for LIVES and its amazing 700 volunteers who look after the people of Lincolnshire in their hour of need, and for Lincolnshire.

George Smid

Chair of the European Movement East Midlands, George Smid

In 2018 we must stop treating the EU as our worst adversary. We made it clear we were not happy and it is now time to forge a new partnership. Bombardier and the recent US attack on our PM prove that Europe is still our closest kin. (For a very good approximation Europe means EU.)

In 2018 I wish the EU will acknowledge why the UK voted to leave. Then parallel negotiations should start exploring the UK staying after March 2019. As Brexit of 2017 differs from Brexit of 2016, the EU of 2018 will differ from the EU of 2016 too. We must see that as a legitimate option to honour the vote to Leave.

For the UK I wish Remainers and Leavers talk to each other. Only then we can reach a Brexit solution acceptable to both. Otherwise, this country will stay dangerously divided.

In June 2016 we did not vote for being poorer, Derbyshire did not vote for less money for the Peak District National Park, Grimsby did not vote to lose their fishing industry, Lincolnshire farmers did not vote for losing farm subsidies.

In 2016 we did not vote for the Brexit of 2017.

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