March 28, 2018 4.31 pm This story is over 67 months old

Is it appropriate to take baths with your children? Lincoln life coach has his say on This Morning

Does Lincoln life-coach Ben have a point?

Lincoln-based life coach Ben Edwards found himself in the thick of a heated debate when he questioned if it’s ever acceptable to be naked with your own children.

Mum Lauren Libbert argued that it’s perfectly fine and often takes baths with her two sons aged 10 and 11 on ITV’s This Morning.

“We will have a bath together maybe once a week,” said Lauren. “It’s something we’ve been doing for years. I’ve got a very tiny bathroom but we will all scooch together the three of us. Sometimes we can read a magazine, sometimes we will just chat.”

Lincoln’s Ben Edwards however had other ideas. He argued, “Lauren’s experiences as a child of dipping her feet in with her mum is very different to having two boys at 10 and 11 who are just about to into secondary school and puberty stage… it opens up to a lot of confusion.”

He went on to give Freudian examples of boys’ ‘natural attraction to their mother’ at the age of around 11. “It’s not about body shaming.”

Lauren reacted by saying her 11-year-old was on the ‘cusp of puberty’ and asking questions, but that she answered in a ‘matter of fact’ way.

Ben is a life coach, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner and motivational speaker and has recently featured in a number of magazines and TV programmes.